They don't like getting f---ed.???

They don't like getting f---ed.???

Posted on: August 17, 2013

The Australian Sex Party has launched its 2013 election campaign with a risqué ad that ends with the party's leader saying that while her members enjoy sex they don't like getting f---ed.

The ad was posted on YouTube on Wednesday and highlights some of the main issues the civil libertarian party will campaign on including same sex marriage, drug legalisation and euthanasia.

The ad opens with party leader and Victorian Senate candidate Fiona Patten appearing prime ministerial as she sits behind a desk and tells viewers that "there's too much f—king going in in Australia" — with the offending word beeped out.

The ad then cuts to an image of a homosexual couple with a baby, with one of the men declaring "we're f—-ed cause we still can't get married".

The couple are followed by a man who he says he is f---ed because he got caught "with this", holding up what appears to be a bag of marijuana and an actress portraying a dying woman who says she is f---ed because she cannot die with dignity, referring to current laws regarding euthanasia.

The final vignette shows a pregnant school girl who attends the fictitious 'Virgin Catholic College' saying "I'm f---ed cause my school didn't teach me about f---ing".

The Australian Sex Party is running candidates in each state and territory, with 29 candidates in Victoria alone.

The party is running on a platform of tax reform and decriminalisation of all drug use and possession.

Ms Patten says churches are the biggest landowners in the country yet they pay no tax, costing the government about $20 billion a year in lost revenue.

The party also wants marijuana to be regulated and taxed, compulsory relationship and sex education in schools, and the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia.