Sex Act in Sawdust

Posted: August 31, 2013

Tim Gregory's latest exhibition, Sawdust Sex, will be presented by Paper Mountain in Perth from July 27, but he needs some help.   An anonymous couple is needed to perf...

Loud Sex a No Go!!

Posted: August 31, 2013

An Australian couple’s wild love-making has seen them cop a fine after upsetting their neighbours for having sex too loudly. Adelaide’s Jessica Angel and Colin Mackenzie are being fine...

Something is paying the bills

Posted: August 20, 2013

The Sun-Herald’s magazine insert Sunday Life a couple of weeks back ran an interview with a working girl that was completely matter-of-fact.  She is 40, with kids.. Her husband walked out o...

They don't like getting f---ed.???

Posted: August 17, 2013

The Australian Sex Party has launched its 2013 election campaign with a risqué ad that ends with the party's leader saying that while her members enjoy sex they don't like getting f---e...
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